Adding a Scout plugin in less than 30 minutes

On mynewsdesk we send a lot of emails as discussed in a previous post. We have a queue for outgoing email deliveries. Depending on our customer’s plan, the emails are sent with different priority using delayed_job.

Customer Support asks us about the status in the different queues “When will customer X’s email be sent?”. We resolve this question by doing manually SQL-queries against the delayed job table. A boring, tedious task… Scout to the rescue!

With Scout we can easily provide Customer Support with this info right away by creating a plugin. And it’s super easy!

I looked into the offical delayed_job-plugin, tweaked it a bit, uploaded it to our utility-server (which runs delayed_job). Scout automatically found it, and we could start using the plugin right away! See instructions for uploading your plugin here.

Number of pending mail jobs for different customer types


The source code for the plugin can be found here.

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