Migrating to Sendgrid

Mynewsdesk sends a lot of email. Transactional emails (signup emails, activation of account, payments etc), emails from our users to their own network and alerts to journalists, when a company publish a pressrelease.

Issues with current setup

One common question from customer service is about status for an email delivery. Until now we have solved this by manually looking in the mail logs of sendmail, which could be a bit tedious and something that customer service can’t do by themselves. We didn’t have any nice statistics overview as well with open-rate, click-rate and so on.

Moving to Sendgrid

Sendgrid is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides a complete solution for sending emails and getting real-time statistics about the deliveries. It also provides an API where you for example can use their Event API to call your application for status about each mail you send.

With Sendgrid any person can log in and see general stats, bounce reports and status about a certain delivery. You can’t see the contents in the mails though, you have to use their BCC-app if you also wants to see the contents for each mail.

Stats for Forgot Password emails

Bounce stats

Searchable email activity



When migrating to Sendgrid we didn’t move all emails at once. We started by categorizing all our outgoing mails and move a category at a time to sendgrid. Using sendgrid is very easy, you just update your smtp-settings to point to your sendgrid account and voilà – integration is completed. You can also tag your emails with sendgrid categories to be able to get statistics for a group of emails.

Here is our integration code with sendgrid. (Thanks Joakim Kolsjö and Henrik Nyh with idea of how to find calling mailer action!)

7 thoughts on “Migrating to Sendgrid

  1. I’ve used Sendgrid for various type of processes including sending emails.

    Do you have any kind of regular newsletters? Do you plan the migrate these to Sendgrid as well?

    1. Hi Daniel!

      We don’t have any kind of regular newsletters in the app.

      Our users do have “lists” with contacts to whom they can send messages. We go thru the list and send each recipient a message. We have talked about turning those lists sendgrid newsletter lists. One problem by doing this is that we can’t set an individual unsubscribe link in the mail (at least what I have seen).  Do you have any experience with this?

      1. Hello Kristian, 

        We would like to understand how you want to use individual unsubscribe link. Can you walk us through a use case?

        With Best Regards,

        Elmer Thomas
        Developer Evangelist, SendGrid
        @SendGrid @ThinkingSerious

        1. Hi Elmer and thanks for your reply!

          Our use case is the following: 

          Customers have a list of contacts in our system. When our customers makes a pressrelease they want to send it to their contacts in their lists. 

          Today we send the pressrelease to each contact in their list in a an individual delivery. 100 contacts in a list creates 100 emails. In total we send a lot of emails each day.

          I we were able to use your newsletter api, we could instead create one “delivery” in our system instead of 100 like we do today. That would free resources on our app-servers today which would be a bit a win.

  2. Just a little confused – does this mean clients can now log in to Sendgrid to access Unique Clicks and Open rate etc? If so, how?! Thanks

    1. Mynewsdesks clients can’t log in to Sendgrid and see Unique Clicks and Open Rates. Sendgrid gives us the tools by its API to show this info to our clients though. It requires quite a lot of work from our side to make it happen

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